Planing Sled – Woodhaven 3000

Woodhaven 3000 Planing Sled
For many people the need for a planer comes along so infrequently that purchasing a big thickness planer just isn’t something that needs to be in the cards. One way to get around this is by using a planing sled, or what some will also call a router planer.

There are two primary ways one can go about this. One, there are a lot of people who simply make their own. They form one either of their own creation, or find some plans and go from there.

The other way, is to simply buy one that is all ready to go right out of the box. Many that go this route wind up with a planer sled by Woodhaven. The one I’m going to take a look at today is the Woodhaven 3000 Planer Sled.

One of the nice things about a planer sled is that it doesn’t take up a whole lot of extra space in your workshop but when you need to use it, it’s right there ready to go to work for you. The Woodhaven 3000 is no exception.

You can use this router planer on wood up to 27″ wide and it has 3″ guide rails to easily accommodate some fairly thick pieces of wood. At first glace, 3″ isn’t that much, however, for the average DIY project or around the house fix-it job it is more often than not more than ample support for your router to get a job done.

As far as the length a piece of work is limited to, there is no worries there. There is no limit. As long as you are able to support it properly and it fits within the 27″ wide guides the wood you’re working on can be as long as you wish.

Out of the box it features a very nice NoDrill plate that makes it extremely quick and easy for you to attach your router and get to work. Optionally, Woodhaven does offer a plate that requires drilling that you can have them swap out or you can purchase is separately from them.

Finally, if you’re worried about having to purchase a special router bit. No need to worry about that either. It works with any router bit you have in the toolbox, so the choice is absolutely yours in that department.

If you decide to go with this particular router planer one thing that is important to be aware of is that whenever you’re ready to use it on a piece of wood you need to supply your own wood rails. You’ll need two of them that are around 12-18″ longer than the piece of wood you’re working on.

For more information on how you can get yourself a Woodhaven planer sled head on over to:
Woodhaven 3000 27″ Planing Sled

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