Ridgid Planer

Ridgid Planer

Ridgid Planer

Ridgid makes a few different planers and we’ve already taken a look at one of their larger models: the Ridgid 4330 Planer, one of their larger planers.

Today I’m going to take a look at one of their smaller planers that they offer on the market. The Ridgid JP0610, which is one that is commonly found at the Home Depot. It’s jointer planer combination tool and is rather popular because of it’s price and the fact that it works quite well for what it’s designed to do.

This tool is powered by a that can run on both 120 or 240v power supplies which power a 1 H.P. motor that is completely enclosed to prevent dust build up that commonly causes problems with planers.

Like other planers that work well, this Ridgid Planer features a very heavy duty cast-iron platform that helps minimize any vibrations and holds your work up very well. The cabinet features legs that are spread a fair distance apart which helps keep everything steady when you’re working.

Additionally, the wide legs of the stand also feature a built in dust collection port. This port seems to work quite well and conveniently can be slid out of the way when you’re not using it. The nice thing about that? It takes up less space during storage.

One of the things that almost all users of this Ridgid planer say immediately after they make their purchase, receive it and set it up is: it’s much, much easier to set up if you have some help doing so. Yes, it can be set up by one person and many people do set it up by themselves, however, getting a helping hand will make the set up process go a lot more smoothly and take a little pressure off of your back as well!!

Another thing to be aware of is that when they say max planing width of 6 1/8″, they really mean it. There is a pin that holds the blade guard in place that stands higher than the bed of the planer that prevents anything wider from going through. If you try, you’ll likely end up with extremely unfavorable results.

Finally, changing the belt can be quite a pain. It’s not located in a convenient location, it’s behind the back plate that is held on with 6 screws that need to be removed almost with the ‘by touch’ method as they’re quite difficult to see.

As far as noise is concerned. It’s a little louder than one would prefer, however, not so much so that it’s unusable and irritating. For the price and how well it does it’s job, it’s something that can be put up with.

Overall, most users are quite happy with the way this Ridgid planer does it’s job.

Input: 1 HP TEFC induction, 12/6 Amps., 120 V/240 V
Cuts Per Minute: 15,000, Knives: three HSS
Knife Adjustment: Jack screw(s)
Bed Length: 45 in.
Max. Planning Width: 6-1/8 in.
Max Depth-of-cut/Pass: 1/8 in.
Rabbet Capacity: 1/2 in.
Tool Weight: 213 lbs.
Includes: Cabinet, 2 push blocks, angle gauge, dust chute, fence assembly, cutter guard and adjustment wrenches.

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Ridgid JP0610 Planer, 6-1/8-Inch Jointer

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