Rockwell Planer

Rockwell Hand Planer

Rockwell Hand Planer

Rockwell makes a couple of different planers that we’re going to highlight. They have a hand held planer and a 12 1/2 inch thickness planer. Both planers are reasonably priced and the hand held planer typical receives positive reviews, while the thickness planer typically receives around average reviews.

The first Rockwell Planer we’re going to take a look at is the Rockwell ProGrade 7A hand held planer. It’s powered by a 7 Amp electric motor and has a 3 1/4 inch cut. When you purchase this planer you will also get an edge guide, a rabbet guide, a dust bag and a carrying case.

One very positive aspect of this planer is the fact that you can change which side the chips come out. It has the ability to change ejection from the left side to the right side and vice versa. This is extremely useful for multiple planing purposes.

Many, many users have been quite surprised with just how well this planer works. Right out of the box most users claim it works nearly flawlessly and is extremely precise without having to mess with anything. They like the fact that it has plenty of power and comes with blades that are extremely sharp.

Overall this is a great planer that even professional woodworkers claim does the job they’re looking to be done and it does it in a smooth and precise manner. All this and it comes in at an amazingly competitive price point.

Read more about the Rockwell 7A, check out some reviews and maybe order one for yourself or as a gift for your favorite woodworker:
Rockwell ProGrade 7A Planer 7.0 Amp 3-1/4-Inch

The next Rockwell Planer we’re going to take a look at is their big 12 1/2 inch thickness planer, the Rockwell RK9010.

Rockwell Planer

Rockwell Planer

This thickness planer is from what Rockwell is calling the ‘Shop Series’ and is powered by a motor that can run at about 10,000 RPMs while you feed your wood through at around 8m per minute.

It’s capable of being mounting right on your workbench, a bench you create or it comes with a stand of it’s own that you can utilize. The thickness capacity is 1/4-Inch to 6-Inch, a max cutting depth of 1/12-Inch and a max planning width of 12-1/2-Inch.

Unlike the hand held planer that Rockwell makes, this one doesn’t really receive very favorable reviews. One of the reviews we came across stated that the rollers were warped when it was received and this caused the users first run to have waves in the work.

After what I’ve read, this really wouldn’t be a recommended planer for any shop. However, if you’re looking for a reasonably priced hand held planer I don’t have many hesitations at all recommending the Rockwell 7A.

If you’re looking for a quality bench top thickness planer, at this point, instead of this one I’d recommend: The Makita Thickness Planer

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